Industrial automation

Industrial automation

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in manual control, an operator may periodically read the process temperature and adjust the heating or cooling input up or down in such aa direction as to drive the temperature to its desired value. in automatic control measurement & adjustments are made automatically on a continuous basis. manual control may be used in non-critical applications where major process upsets are unlikeiy to occur, where any process conditions occur slowly & in Small increments and where a minimum of operator attention is reqired.

Industrial automation – Manual temperature control of process

manual temperature control of process

Industrial automation – Automatic temperature control of a process

Automatic temperature control of process

What is Automation?

Making products under the control of computer and programmable controllers is know as Industrial automation. manufacturing assembly lines as stand-alone machine tools CNC machine and robotic device fell into this category. Automation is Delegation Of human Control Functions TO Technical Equipment for increasing productivity, Batter Quality, increasing Safety In Working Conditions Reducing Manpower & Cost.

What are the different component use in Automation?

The component of automation safety include
1- censor for sensing the input parameter
2- transmitter for transmitting the raw signal in electrical form
3- Control system which includes PLC,DCS & PID controller
4- output device such as Actuators, driver’s, control Valves, solenoid Valves, coils, indicating lamps.

What are The different control systems Used Automation?

1- PID controller based control system
2- Plc based control system
3- DCS Base Control System
4- PC Base automation system

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